I have some health issues can I do the class?

Being low impact opens up the ability to exercise for people who would otherwise find it difficult due to health issues. If you are unsure though I would always advise you to consult your GP first before participating in a class.

Is this class suitable for beginners?

This class is suitable for any fitness level from complete beginners to someone who exercises on a regular basis, you can go at a pace that suits your ability and as your fitness level improves you can push yourself more. Though we do have a specific beginners class, which is 30 minutes long and if you are new to exercise or have some health issues is a great way to start.

I suffer form osteoarthritis, can I do the class?

Yes, the low impact nature of the class reduces pressure on the joints and exercise can also help to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Is there a weight limit on the trampolines?

There is a 25 stone weight limit for the trampolines.

What footwear should I have?

You are required to wear anti slip socks during the class, if you already own some then you are welcome to use these or I can supply them for £2 a pair. No footwear is allowed to be worn whilst on the trampolines.

What should I wear?

You should wear loose comfortable clothing or sports wear that allows you to move freely.

Should I bring anything with me?

Yes, I would advise you to bring water, a towel and a warm jumper for after the class.

How do I cancel my booking and do I get a refund?

Yes, a booking can be cancelled at any time through the booking page. There is a minimum of 48hrs notice to cancel a class and any cancellation past this period will not be given a refund.

Can I change my booking to a different day/time?

Yes this can be done as long as its before 48hrs of the class. If you wish to move classes please message me.

Is the a max/min age limit?

The classes are for ages 16+ apart from the beginners class which is from age 11+ and there is no maximum age limit, if you can walk you can boogie bounce ;)

If you can not find an answer for your question please feel free to contact me on the button below.